Many people, especially young ones, are hooked on gaming. The reason for this is because many times games simulate real world experiences that you can put yourself into and get lost in the process. Other games stimulate your mental abilities to the max that you are challenged each time you play a new one. And so, these things can really make one sit for hours in front of the computer and have fun and enjoyment and face challenges that the games have to offer.

However, there are concerns expressed if letting kids play these games is really beneficial or not. Many parents are concerned that their kids are just sting the whole day in front of their computers and doing nothing else. While there may be many negative things we can say abut gaming, there are also many positive things about it.

For one, if parents don't control their kids on their gaming time, then this will surely lead to gaming addiction on their part. These games are addicting and so parents should be responsible to control their children's gaming time. Many games are also very violent, and it becomes the parent's responsibility to choose the right games for their children especially the very young ones. There are a lot of wholesome games that you can find online and otherwise. It is also the responsibility of parents to give their children a balance every time they are home, a balance of indoors and outdoors. So, schedule time for gaming and schedule time for outdoor activities etc.

Gaming also has a lot of benefits. One of the great benefits of gaming is the development of the child's mental facility. In many games, you need to have strategy or plans to win the game, and in timed games,   these strategies have to be impended quickly. Games also help children improve their hand and eye coordination. This is especially true in fast paced games. In role playing games they become creative when they do the part of the character they play. They also improve their creativity in games where they have to build structures from their limited resources. There are games that are played in groups. Here children learn to interact with others in order to win the game. So, there is a social benefit to playing digital games. 

These are just some of the benefit of gaming. If you are a parent, let you child explore the wonderful world of gaming. They will surely benefit something as long as you also help them take control over their time. Because while gaming gives benefits, there are other things in this life that are more important than that.

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